Shredded Chicken = Clean Bathroom

I just shredded chicken with my Kitchenaid mixer. Heck yes, I did! I bought a rotisserie chicken from Costco for $6 hoping to use the meat in many lunches and dinners this week. Summer has turned into my experimentation time for increasing sanity during the school year. Yes, I should have purchased an organic, pasture-raised chicken, roasted it myself, and carved it up. Yes, I do feel some guilt for buying the commercial bird. But, hey, I have to start somewhere.

I have never carved a chicken before or shredded chicken meat. Now, I could have used two forks, but I’m lazy. I read about shredding chicken with a Kitchenaid and thought, “weird.” Never one to turn something down only because I thought it was weird, I decided to put my newly carved chicken pieces into the mixer, bring the mixer into the guest bathroom because the baby was sleeping, and shred that business. It worked! Plus, it got little chicken bits all over my guest bathroom counter! That means, I cleaned the counter and now I have shredded chicken AND a clean guest bathroom! The baby kept sleeping, too! Winner, winner, winner, chicken dinner (see what I did there)! I did not take pictures on purpose. So, in short, slap those chicken pieces in the mixer with the paddle attachment (the normal one that comes with the mixer), mix that puppy for 1 minute or so on speed 2 or 3, and revel in that shredded yumminess for chicken salad, enchiladas, nachos, sloppy chicken joes, or whatever else you want to make with mixerified bird.

image via LiveGreenStLouis


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